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Making A Purchase:

We use Third part Merchant processor, Clickbank.
You can use your Credit Card or choose to pay with PayPal.

There is a standard procedure with ClickBank purchase.
Once your order has been approved a Thank You page will appear.

  • You will receive an email with your download login information.
  • You will also receive a receipt of the transaction by Email so, obviously, check that your Email address is correctly input on the order form.


If your Credit Card is Rejected:

Here is a typical set of reasons for rejection of your credit card:

  • Incorrect expiration date
  • Incorrect or missing validation code
  • Country or state does not match bank record
  • Zip or postal code does not match bank record
  • Card has history of chargebacks
  • Card has reached its spending limit
  • You are too far from your billing address
  • You are using an anonymous proxy service
  • You have made too many recent purchases

It does appear also that cards from certain 'high risk' countries are rejected

First, try the charge again. If that fails, contact the credit card customer service department and ask them why the charge was denied.

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